Our beginnings lie in the provision of power generation and water desalination capabilities in Abu Dhabi, which have underpinned our growth into one of the largest utilities companies in the GCC. Today, we are a top-10 integrated utilities player in Europe, the Middle East and Africa by regulated assets.

We are committed to playing a role in delivering the UAE Energy Strategy 2050. We have 16 operational water desalination and power generation, transmission network and distribution grids across the emirates, making our UAE assets a key part of our business. The facilities’ availability performance is in the top quartile for the industry and provide approximately 1 million customers in the UAE with power and water.

In addition to our UAE-based power and water plants, we have GCC-focused investments in power generation facilities in Oman and Saudi Arabia, with a 40% stake in Sohar Aluminium Company, which includes captive power generation facilities for an aluminum smelter, and a 25% interest in Jubail power plant.

We use three technologies for water desalination:

Multi-stage flash

Distills seawater by using heat to flash a portion of the water into steam

Multi-effect distillation

Feed water is heated by steam in tubes across multiple stages wherein each stage heats and evaporates more water to remove salt

Reverse osmosis

Feed water passes through a high-pressure pump and through a membrane that removes salt from seawater

For power generation, we use combined cycle gas turbines, which use both gas and steam turbines to produce electricity.


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